When someone announces that they have seen a UFO, unless we are into alien invaders from outer space, we don't take it seriously. But when Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John announced that the Jesus who died on the cross was sighted by His followers alive and well, it was not science fiction. Jesus had prophesied that the temple of His body would be destroyed, but that He would build it again in three days, and this is exactly what happened. It's popular today to hold that everyone can follow their own guru, imam, pastor, priest, or rabbi, but the fact of the resurrection lays down the challenge. Jesus is the Savior promised for hundreds of years by the Jewish prophets. He did fulfill the prophesies that He would die as a sacrifice for sin, and He did rise again. If you're thinking about following any other savior, check out whether or not they conquered the ultimate problem of death and decay. I've decided to pour out all my devotion to the only human being who has ever lived who died and rose again. The resurrection of Jesus is more than the reason to hunt Easter eggs once a year. It is the reality that gives us courage and hope every day of the year.

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