We need to put it into the equation. There're going to be times, a lot of times, when we face trials, testing, and persecution. The Apostle Paul was honest. If we live for Jesus in the enemy territory of Satan's present world kingdom, we should expect to get shot at. In fact, Paul stresses that this proves we are genuinely following Jesus.  Here in Texas it's easy for Christianity to simply become part of the culture, along with the Alamo, brisket, and the Dallas Cowboys. Jesus didn't die to become part of an accepted culture. He died because this was the only way our sins could be justly forgiven and he rose to give us the gift of an entirely different life. So, when we spread the news that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life in a culture that prides itself in many ways on the belief that we can come up with our own individual way, we should expect some heat for continuing to tell the truth and point out the only right way that leads to God's House.


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