"Therefore, get wisdom, though it costs everything you have, get understanding." The father in Proverbs knows the value of things, and he knows the drive it takes to make it in business. So he talks to his son, "You know that drive inside to make money so that you can buy that car or truck? You need that same drive for something far more valuable—internalizing God's wisdom." The father goes on to explain, "Son, the reason this price tag is so higher is that if you do learn to live skillfully, you will learn how to use money wisely and the norm is that folks who do so, end up being able to build up bank accounts. Money is not the supreme value. Loving God and His instructions for living is far more priceless." In the New Testament Jesus will put it like this, "You can either worship God or money, but you can't do both." The irony is that He also taught that those who give up the pursuit of wealth for Him and His Kingdom end up having treasures not only in this life but in the life to come. So today we need to passionately pursue loving God and His Son. He has the resources to give us the money we need.


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