Powerful voices in our society continue to challenge women to forget about home and a family. The marketplace is where it's happening. When you’ve cleaned the house for the hundredth time,  the laundry basket is never empty, and the washing machine keeps gobbling up clothes, it’s easy to begin to think that maybe those calls for trading the hassle of family for the self-empowerment of business could be right. Younger women have actually moved back from the extreme arguments against wife, mother, and home, but as a pastor, I've seen a lot of wives and moms, especially in midlife crisis, abandon hearth and home for high rise offices, expensive lunches with their divorced friends, and the freedom to take vacations where they can be pampered rather than remain in full caretaker mode. A lot of wives and moms hit a point where they say, "Who cares what I'm doing in this home?" Proverbs answers.  God! And in Proverbs two it talks about a wife who abandons her marriage covenant. Before you leave home, why not check out what God has to say about a woman who forgets her marriage covenant. 



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