As a pastor of many years, it was easy for me to think that the action centered on Sunday morning and the gathering of God's people. I've realized now that when it comes to impacting a city for God, it's more important what happens on Monday morning in the office, school, or factory. The Old Testament book of Proverbs says little about the gathering of God's people for worship. It has a ton to say about how we behave in friendships, how we act at the dinner table, how we handle our money, and whether or not we are honest in business deals. Living in the same town for more than forty years has given me the chance to see the impact believers can have when they allow Christ's Spirit to help them live out this practical wisdom of Proverbs. Courtrooms, classrooms, doctor's offices, dental practices, and most of all in the heavy lifting of big industry—believers living out God's wisdom in the Monday throughFriday world—that’s where the action is. Today is our day to allow the Holy Spirit to internalize wisdom and then let it shine in the marketplace.


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