It can’t be what mom and dad believe. It can’t be what your siblings believe. It has to be what each one of us believe, really believe at the core of our being. The Apostle Paul states that God is the One who reveals Himself deep inside. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard it. No heart, no mind, no person inside themselves has come up with this plan, but God has revealed it.” The core of God’s plan is simple. "Christ died for our sins according to the Scripture. He rose again the Third Day. Believe and you will be saved." As you hear those words, the Spirit of Jesus is telling that that is the best good news you will ever hear. That is the way for your sins to be forgiven and to be free from guilt. Respond to the meaning of the cross and the resurrection that God is seeking to make clear for you. Only your pride and desire to live only for yourself will keep you from trusting Jesus.


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