You might be ugly as a duckling swan right now, but relax. If you are connected with Christ, you will be beautiful and even able to fly when Christ completes your personal makeover. You might look in the mirror and say, “Man, I’m getting old and the wrinkles are coming.” Don’t worry, it’s preparation time. You’re just on the launching pad. The earthly body you’ve got right now is just a shell. God is beginning to get things off the ground for you. Because of our hope in Christ, let's age gloriously. Let's keep this present body going in serving Him as long as we can, always remembering that we've got a brand new one coming. Humble, simple, child-like believers who trust Jesus' promise can become sweeter, kinder and more useful for God as they grow older. The alternative isn't so good. Those who live for just this life get frustrated and angry because no matter how many surgeries, how much Botox and hours in the gyp, we can't beat the power of time.


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