The beloved disciple put it like this in his first letter, ‘Don’t tell me you love God if you don’t love your brother.’ His argument is transparent. How can we love someone we can’t see, if we can’t get along with the flesh and blood person standing right in front of us in plain sight? If we can’t relate to someone that we can wrap our arms around and hug, especially with our own family members who are living right in the same home with us, then how can we say that we love the invisible God? We have no business piously going to church on Sunday and putting on a good show in the worship service. The Apostle John is telling us that this worship thing isn't getting into some mystical trance while we bob and sway to the beat on Sunday when our fellow believers and especially the unbelievers we work with during the week don't see concrete evidence that the Holy Spirit is expressing His love through us to them. Today, let's express our love for the invisible God by expressing love toward visible people.


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