Ever been in a conversation when you knew you should mention your relationship with Jesus but it felt like somebody had zipped your mouth shut? At church it's easy to confess Christ with a crowd of folks who agree with us about Jesus, but it's hard to confess Him in the office where there's diversity of opinion, and this is exactly where we need to live it and speak it. We're not proselytizing, trying to induce someone else to join our religion or cause. We're introducing them to the only person who can solve their biggest problem--none of us get off this planet alive and there's only one man who beat death.

In Dallas where I live few have trouble boasting about the Cowboys and their two star rookies. It's time to start boasting about the gifts that Jesus has given to us. It's contagious to meet someone infected with genuine love for Jesus expressed in love for others. It might not be in vogue to share the Gospel, but Jesus hasn't rescinded His command for us to share Him with the world beginning in our workplace. We're not pushing something on someone when we share a love relationship that we've found. Like Paul this needs to be the passion of our lives.


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