Jesus will declare you free to become enslaved to everyone. He’ll call you to be free to make yourself a servant to everybody. We are called into His family to be accepted by Him, loved by Him, and to enjoy all the riches of heaven. But here on earth He’ll teach us to lay aside our privileges in order to bring others to Jesus.

It’s that old rugged cross thing. In Corinthians the Apostle Paul never loses sight of the cross and the need for others to respond to the Gospel. This means we can become Jews to Jews, Gentiles to Gentiles, obedient to religious rules to win those under their power, and free from food and religious holy days scruples with those who love their freedom. What we never forget is that Christ's love teaches us to become all things to all men and women so that by any means we might win some. The issue isn’t the exercise of our rights in Christ but the opportunity to be used by the Spirit to help others to meet Christ.


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