As the darkness looms over Golgatha, it looks like the bad guys have won. It looks like finally the serpent has struck the great male deliverer promised in Genesis 3:15 to deliver us from the curse of death. Even the two insurrectionists beside him on either side curse and mock him while Jesus suffers. There are times in our lives when the bad guys seem to be winning and that's when we need to remember why Jesus remained on the cross. It's because he trusted his heavenly Father. He believed that his heavenly Father would ultimately deal with the question of justice, and on the cross God allowed his Son to take the just punishment for all of our sins so that He could pour out mercy and grace on all who will believe. As we fall in love with Jesus and allow this love to reach out to others, we need to stop trying to make everything right for ourselves. We must stop clinging to personal fairness for ourselves right now. In our marriages, our work, our families, and our friendships we must stop building them fifty-fifty, on justice and fairness, but on forgiving mercy and grace. We can trust our heavenly Father to ultimately set things right.


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