As Americans we love to worship powerful, gifted men and women. This is especially true when it comes to preachers. It's easy for a pulpit committee to think that if they can only find the right charismatic orator their church will grow again, but the Apostle Paul is still saying, “Only God makes things grow.” Many of us go to the gathering of believers on Sunday asking, "Will the music do it for me? Will it give me that warm, exuberant feeling? Will the preacher's sermon capture my attention and give me what I personally need, like a spiritual trainer does when he or she works me out?" Instead we need to be praying, "Lord, with my brothers and sisters I want to tell You much I love You, how much I praise you for the mighty things You've done. Lord, use me to meet the need of one of my brothers and sisters or better yet, help me to help someone who doesn't know You yet to trust in Your Son."


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