Many of us preachers crave praise, but we need to remember that Moses couldn't enter the Promised Land because of the fact that he took the honor that only God can receive. It wasn't because Moses came to the defense of a fellow Israelite that God didn't let him over Jordan. It was because he struck the rock at the end of the wilderness wanderings when God told him clearly, "Speak to the rock." His action falsely declared, "I have the power to make the water flow, to provide the life giving water in the desert." God had told him that he was only to speak to rock so that "all the people will know that it is my power." Moses took only a little bit of the glory and the majesty that belonged to God and God said, “You can’t enter the Promised Land." Moses also ruined the object lesson God was giving His people. The Apostle Paul in Corinthians tells us that the rock represented Jesus, the source of living water. Jesus was struck only once when He died on the cross. Moses marred this illustration when he struck the rock a second time. But God is gracious, when we enter the New Testament, we have an account when Moses is definitely in the Promised Land when, with Elijah, he is discussing Calvary with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration.


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