A good question to ask your pastor as we approach the celebration of Jesus' birthday is what they believe actually happened 2000 years ago in Bethlehem in that stable? If they say something like, "Well, to be honest, the Virgin birth story is a beautiful way to express the hope that God will come spiritually and visit us, but in an age of ultra-sounds, 4-D images of embryos, and detailed knowledge about how sperm and egg combine, implant, and then multiply to produce a human baby, it's tough to believe that a teenage Jewish girl in Nazareth conceived a baby boy because the Holy Spirit overshadowed her." If you get that kind of answer, it's time to move to another church. If they have trouble believing in the literal reality that a virgin gave birth to Jesus, they will have even more trouble believing that Jesus died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven,. and an even harder time believing he actually rose again the third day. And they certainly won't believe the amazing miracle that Jesus promises to resurrect you and give you a new immortal body simply because you believed in him. This Christmas gather with some brothers and sisters who genuinely believe and let the praises flow.


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