If another believer steals from us, lies about us, or is high on drugs, what are we supposed to do? The Apostle Paul states that we shouldn't have to go to a secular court to deal with these issues. If after we follow Matthew 18 and go privately to the brother or sister who has sinned against us, then taken two or three others to verify the facts and work to get the person to repent and they still remain in sin, we should be able to go to spiritual leaders in our church. The first century church had family relationships and the Apostle Paul could take it for granted that in the Corinthian church there would be a few mature respected believers who could make wise judgments when believers needed an unbiased, just judgment. Sadly, this is not the way we operate in today's American culture. Even believers go quickly to the secular court, but how does this do damage to the reputation of Christ in our cities and towns? Maybe its time to get serious about following Paul's advice to the Corinthians about how to handle lawsuits between fellow believers.


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