Things you eat, services you attend, clothes you think you need to wear, special holidays you think you need to keep, all this is religious paraphernalia. We collect all this stuff and think God is impressed. He isn't. The Apostle Paul gives us the right advice, “Listen, this religious stuff doesn’t bring you closer to God. It doesn’t take you farther away from God. To be honest with you, God could care less.” A whole lot of us get into discussions, “God, is this kind of food evil? What about this drink? If I worship on Sunday are you happier with me than if I worship on Saturday, or should we meet for corporate worship daily?" Down through the centuries believers have fought over all these things and sometimes even murdered one another. According to 1 Corinthians 8 God could care less about all this external paraphernalia. Food, uniforms, holy days--they don’t bring us closer to God. Only faith in His Son can give us closeness to God, the Father through His Holy Spirit.


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