All religions have a set of rituals and regulations. The promise is that if we obey these prescriptions, we earn favor with the deity. These lists almost always deal with externals, not internal attitudes and desires. For example: we determine we've kept the seventh commandment if we haven't actually slept with someone we're not married to, but at the gym while we are working out, we can look and desire all we want. The Apostle Paul tells the Corinthians that this kind of justification is all wrong. God sees our heart and what He sees in our natural state is a heart that covets and rebels against Him and His instructions. Paul told the Corinthians and He tells us that the only remedy for this evil internal state is a heart transplant. Jesus died and rose again so that He can give us a brand new heart. It is this new identity in Christ that gives us the power to live today in intimacy with God and from the inside out to obey Him.


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