According to the Old Testament, the High Priest was responsible for evaluating messianic claims.  Therefore in Jesus' trial, the religious leaders in Jerusalem had the right to put Jesus' claims on trial. The tragedy is that that the evidence proved that Jesus did the miracles, that He was a truthful teacher, and that He had fulfilled their Scripture’s  prophesies about the Messiah, yet only Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea came to the right decision about Jesus. Mark 14:55 reveals that Caiaphas found no evidence against Jesus, yet he accepted false witnesses who misunderstood what Jesus had taught about the Temple, and then flatly rejected Jesus' direct claim that He was the Messiah. We are faced with this choice. We can side with the hypocritical, religious leaders seeking only to preserve their power and influence and cry out that Jesus is a liar, a blasphemer, and a false messiah, or we can accept His substantiated claim that He is the Promised One. Either we have Jesus --a rebel, a liar, a person who claimed to be God, but who was in fact an imposter--or we accept Him as God in the flesh, the Savior of the world. I've chosen to bow before Him in adoration and trust.


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