There is a lot of concern about the declining morals in our society. This stirs passions and activism, but when it comes to believers in the first century, the Apostle Paul was far more concerned about the sexual immorality in the Church than he was in the Roman Empire. Many Corinthian believers had been infected by the culture of immorality in their city and slept with the prostitutes who ascended from the Temple of Aphrodite each night into the city. Paul confronted his fellow believers about how they were using their physical bodies where Jesus' Spirit had taken up residence and dragged Him into their destructive sexual sin. When I'm disappointed by my own sinful behavior or that of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm tempted to throw up my hands in exasperation and say, “Well, I guess the biblical message I've taught all these years doesn't work." The Apostle Paul reminds me that way back at the beginning of the Jesus movement they wrestled with failure in the lives of believers. Paul rebuked the sin, but also stressed that the foundation of our faith is based in the truth and purity of our Savior, not on the lives of His followers. It's not our goodness but His credibility as the crucified, risen, and glorified Savior.


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