Word for the World with Dr. Randy White
I Believe in an Accurate Bible, part 2
God has given us the words of the Bible.  Each one of the words, taken together, give us common ground on which to base our faith.  Only the words of the Bible are inspired by God.  His Word is our only source of authority for faith and practice.

Today’s broadcast is the second half of Dr. White’s sermon on verbal, plenary inspiration—that is, on the accuracy of the Bible.
  • Wednesday, September 07, 2011
  • Series: I Believe

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  • I believe God exists
  • I believe in an accurate Bible
  • I believe in a Young Earth
  • I believe Dinosaurs were on the Ark
  • I believe in Biblical Manhood
  • I believe in Biblical Womanhood
  • I believe in Angels
  • I believe in Demons
  • I believe in Hell
  • I believe in God's Covenant with Israel
  • I believe in Eternal Security
  • I believe in World Missions
  • I believe in a Physical Resurrection
  • I believe God is revealed


With 15 sermons in all, this teaching series contains almost 12 hours of relevant teaching.  The series will help you develop a strong Biblical worldview as you grow in your faith and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.  This is a worldview course in one sermon series!


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