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About Wonderful Words of Life

Wonderful Words of Life
is a worldwide soundcast of The Salvation Army. It is a 15-minute program packed with lively dialog, the best Salvation Army music in various styles, and inspirational teaching. Its messages will stir your spirit and its music will soothe your soul.

Series 175: Finding Peace

Our daily lives can be filled with such chaos. Even believers still have days where stress and anxiety seem to get the best of us. However, we know that the Apostle Paul spoke of a “peace that surpasses all understanding”. How can we experience this peace? Throughout this series, Speaker Roy Johnson will search God’s word to find out how we can live above the turmoil. Join us in our study as we learn spiritual disciplines that will help us find daily peace.

The music for Series 175 features the bands Transmission, The Singing Company, Spark, Phil Laeger, Ronnie Murchison, The Unbound and Lincoln Hawk. Visit our music page to learn more about some of these artists featured on the program.


Hosting the program is Major Sally Broughton, Gospel Arts Coordinator and Educational Resource Officer at the Evangeline Booth College in Atlanta, Georgia. Her co-host is Mr. Bernie Dake (left in photo on latest broadcast page), Assistant Southern Territorial Music Secretary & Director of Music Publications, Production and Marketing. With lively and dynamic dialogue, these two share listeners’ feedback, personal stories, or guest interviews before previewing the message by the speaker, Major Roy Johnson (right in photo on latest broadcast page). General Secretary for the Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi Division of The Salvation Army headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, Major Johnson has extensive study and experience as both a pastor and a teacher and shares from his heart with warmth and insight.

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