Living Waters University with Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort
Watch this clip with a guy named Chris that says he believes in reincarnation and may come back as “nice, little Chihuahua.” Listen as his tone changes as Ray takes him through the Good person test. Hear him say, “What should I do?” in response to Ray taking him through the Law and warning him of Hell. This response is “the green light to explain to him the Gospel.”
  • Friday, December 10, 2010

Featured Offer from Living Waters University

Finding Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

God Speaks

From the mouth of Almighty God are precious gems that bring with them profound hope.

Although we try to fortify ourselves against the storms of life, they are virtually unavoidable. We can find hope in the Old Testament story of Job. When Job lost everything, he never lost his faith in God. Instead he sought a face-to-face audience with God, because he had several questions that he needed answered. When God spoke He didn't answer even one of Job’s questions. Instead, He had 70 questions of His own.

Within these 70 questions are hidden amazing scientific truths that were not discovered by this world until more than three thousand years later. God Speaks is filled with remarkable knowledge, wisdom of which the world knows nothing — precious gems that bring with them hope of which this pain-wracked world could use now more than ever.

(208 pages, softcover)

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