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On this week's edition of Washington Watch Weekly: Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Gordon Smith stayed true to their promise to bring up hate crimes in the Defense Authorization bill this week and it passed in a 60-39 vote...we watched heated debate increase over an issue Senator Kennedy considers "domestic terrorism." I will be joined by Jordan Lorence, Senior Legal Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, to discuss what really is at stake with the Defense Bill as it relates to Christians and our freedom of religious speech. We will also talk about an ADF case in New Jersey, where the Department of Environmental Protection stripped the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (a Methodist ministry) of its property tax exemption from its boardwalk pavilion because they would not allow a lesbian couple to use their property for a civil-union ceremony. Then I will be joined by Congressman Pete Hoekstra, to talk about legislation he proposed as an alternative to No Child Left Behind.
  • Saturday, September 29, 2007

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