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Thankfulness Personified – A
The earth is rich in the blessings of the Lord, and yet so many people, including Christians, return no praise or gratitude to an Almighty Father who lavishes His grace and abundance. In this message, James MacDonald urges us make a decision to be thankful, embracing with confidence what God is doing even in midst of hardship.
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Freedom Through Forgiveness

Your sins are permanently removed—from east to west, from scarlet to snow. That’s the power of the gospel! That’s what Jesus has done for you! And it’s with that realization that you can experience forgiveness toward those who have hurt you. It may not be easy, but with God’s help, feelings of bitterness can be replaced with the freedom of forgiveness.

Think for a minute about the unwritten pages in the book of your life. Do you plan to fill the remaining chapters with bitterness and resentment toward others? Forgiveness is about more than a one-time decision. Recognize where you are in the process and ask God to help you keep moving forward. I know these resources are going to help you experience the total freedom God has for you.
– James MacDonald

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