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Destroying the Strongholds of Family Dysfunction, Part 1 – C
Generational sins may be impacting the way you make decisions and handle conflict. If the patterns of behavior you learned from your parents are holding you back, you’ll learn how to apply God’s Word and be set free in this message from James MacDonald.
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Think Differently

All of us have areas of our life that we’d like to change. Maybe it’s your marriage, your business, or your relationship with God. But if we all want to change, why is it so hard? You see, it’s not about yelling louder, trying harder, or being filled with condemnation. It’s all about getting the right mindset, a Godly mindset. And when that happens, long-lasting transformation follows!

Friend, change is not dependent on trying harder. Real change comes when you choose to embrace a Godly mindset because the way you think affects everything. I want to invite you to request the resources below so that you may experience the victory of lasting change in your life beginning today. —James MacDonald

Request your Think Differently study guide today with your gift of any amount to the ministry of Walk in the Word.

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Facing Uncertainty
Why didn't somebody tell me earlier in my life that I can't fix everything?
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