Voice of Prophecy Weekend with Fred Kinsey and Connie Jeffery
Have you ever felt so betrayed or forsaken that it seems to drain the very life out of your soul? Well, imagine what the disciples must have felt as their best friend, Jesus, lay dead in the tomb. Then, consider the joy, the elation, they experienced upon realizing He was alive. Pastor Kinsey's message takes us on a journey down the road to Emmaus and back again.
  • Sunday, February 06, 2011

Featured Offer from Voice of Prophecy Weekend

Bible Timelines Charts

These 8 charts (8 1/2 x 11) were created by Voice of Prophecy's executive producer before he joined the broadcast and were revised this year to make them even easier to understand. As you study the Old Testament, the charts will help you correlate not only the kings and prophets named in various books, but also how biblical history relates to the rest of world history. Also included is a booklet with background information and 14 pages of names and places indexed to specific charts.

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