Understanding the Times with Jan Markell
In a repeat of one of her most popular radio interviews, Jan Markell talks to producer Andre van Heerden and author/speaker Gary Kah about the popular documentary Shadow Government: How the Global Elite Plan to Destroy Democracy and Your Freedom. (available from Olive Tree Ministries' online store here Jan plays sound bytes of the film that features Grant Jeffrey, Church Missler, Kathryn Albrecht, Brad O'Leary, Jack Kinsella and many more articulate authorities. This is not hyper-conspiratorial; this is reality. Learn more at: www.shadowgovernment-movie.com
  • Saturday, November 27, 2010

Featured Offer from Understanding the Times

40 Days Through Genesis: Dr. Ron Rhodes

The two most ignored books in the Bible are Genesis and Revelation – and they are two of the most important! In Ron Rhodes’ new book on Genesis, you will uncover the mysteries of the beginning of time. You will also discover how the sovereign God cares for the world, blesses those who walk in faith, and keeps His covenant promises.  From the first days in the Garden, to the Great Deluge, to the call of Abraham, to the story of Ishmael….and so much more….you’ll be enlightened about this wonderful book in the Bible! 

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