Global meltdown and the Fear of Death
Saturday, August 13, 2011


Jan talks to Gary Kah about the global meltdown. Progressivism and socialism are failing but the globalists are still orchestrating some of the turmoil, hoping the world will come to the brink and welcome in the one-world system. Gary and Jan discuss the downgrading of America's economy to AA+, a coming world currency, and the many issues that are leading the world into galloping globalism. What happens when America stops losing world influence and we drift towards no longer being the global leader? We have a recipe for revolution! Jan and Gary urge everyone to cling to the fact that God has this in control. Even if freedom is fading, we must trust Him.

Our second half of this broadcast we  share a message by Dr. David Reagan at one of our recent Understanding the Times conferences. The Christian need not fear death because of our hope beyond the grave. Our hope is partly built by the truth of Bible prophecy. But it is ignored everywhere. People cling to this world because we don't understand future events and our future Home. What is in store for us? A glorious future is promised in the Bible and Dr. Reagan gives us an overview of that. Reagan encourages us to look up and not around! You can order CDs or DVDs of many of our Understanding the Times events here.

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