Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
How Great is Our God, Part 2
Here in the Information Age, we love the pursuit of knowledge. But beware of reducing God just to make Him more understandable. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his series in Job – Tried, Tested and Triumphant – with a focus on the right and wrong ways to pursue the knowledge of God. 

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God's Promises for when You are Hurting - book

You can find comfort and hope in difficult times...in the promises of God's Word!
58 Topics, grouped into four easy-reference sections:

  • What to Do When You Are: Grieving, Lonely, Depressed, and more.
  • What to Do When You: Need Confidence, Need Patience Now, Are Facing Disappointment, and more.
  • Truth From the Bible About: God's Plan for Your Life, Speaking God's Word, Answered Prayer, and more
  • The Love of God Is Healing for Your Life: Your Eternal Inheritance, His Never-Changing Promises, and Your Greatest Hope.

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