Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
God Meant it for Good, Part 2
As Christians, we're called upon to be forgiving. But do we fully understand all that's involved in forgiveness? Dr. David Jeremiah concludes his series on Joseph with a look at the real meaning of forgiveness and all that it entails. Why is it so hard to truly forgive those who have wronged us? 

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Quest Devotional

Join Dr. David Jeremiah in a quest for the coming year. A quest to walk more closely with the Lord, to understand His wonderful Word as never before, and to seek His wisdom and strength when facing the certain dilemmas of daily life.

Turning Point’s 2015 devotional, Quest - Seeking God Daily offers a Scripture and a thought provoking devotional to guide you in your journey with the Lord each day of the year. Each entry has a unique message on a variety of topics including prayer, hope, forgiveness, faith, love and more, all beautifully bound in leather.

We need to strive for a closer walk with God, not because He is unapproachable but because we are faint-hearted and need to be reminded of His faithfulness, His grace, and His goodness. Will you join Dr. David Jeremiah in the quest for the coming year? It is a journey well worth taking.

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