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The Quest for the Perfect Mate, Part 1
Whether you’ve been married to your spouse for ages, or you’re still looking for that special someone God has in mind for you, Dr. David Jeremiah believes there are four questions you should ask yourself about your partner.
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What the Bible Says About Love, Marriage & Sex (book)

If ever the world needed a refresher on the power, promise, and passion of marital love, the time is now—and Song of Solomon is the book. Solomon tells the world’s most beautiful story of marital courtship and consummation, the ups as well as the downs of two becoming one.

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“It’s okay!”

Okay is not a biblical word. Sometimes when we say something like, “Don’t worry; it’s okay,” the other person is thinking, “Funny, it doesn’t feel that way.” It does little to comfort the heart.

Sometimes we’re not OK. I’ve had times when, instead, I’ve felt KO’ed, which is fight jargon for “knocked out.”

My own faith in the Lord Jesus has grown through the years, and I’m grateful for the grace to trust Jesus with hardships and heartaches. But sometimes the blows rain down on us like daggers, and we may momentarily wonder if God exists or knows or cares. 

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