The Living Hope with Pastor P.M. Smith
King David was writing this message to prepare the young people of his generation for the future. We are the meek and should live a life characterized by meekness. However, we need to be clear on who we are so we can live what we have been called and created to do. Meekness flows from a relationship with the Lord. Meekness is strength -- under God's control. When you focus on something, that which you focus on you tend to become. Therefore: - Focus on being what you have been called and created to be. - Do what you have been called and created to do. - Live like you have been called and challenged to live.
  • Wednesday, November 03, 2010
  • References: Psalm 37

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Huber Memorial Church is an urban ministry located in Baltimore City, Maryland. Our mission is to rescue the children, redeem the family and recreate community. We do this by impacting this generation and changing the next generation…one mind at a time, one heart at a time, one life at a time and one home at a time. And we do this all to the Glory of God.

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