The Journey with Ron Moore
Let’s Enjoy Intimacy, Part 1
Sexual intimacy is essential to a fulfilling marriage. But trying to meet your partner’s intimacy needs by giving them what you want will result in a less than satisfying experience.  So on today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shares the product and process of becoming “one flesh” and what each partner needs from the other.

Featured Offer from The Journey

Faith: Dead or Alive

Can you imagine a salesman who never sold a product... a surgeon who never performed a surgery... a trial lawyer who never tried a case... an interior decorator who never decorated the interior of anything... a teacher who never taught... a preacher who never preached. A profession demands evidence. And so does a profession of faith. Someone has asked, "If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" That's a great question, isn't it? The purpose of this booklet is to show that true faith produces "convicting" evidence.

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