The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice
Basic Bible truths come alive in this exciting study on the Gospel of John. As we sense the drama in the confrontation of Christ with Judaism, we see the victory of grace over law through the sovereign power and love of the Father. Included are longer studies of two other topics: the relationship of the Sabbath to Sunday, and the doctrine of the inspiration of the Scriptures.

Featured Offer from The Bible Study Hour

The Shepherd Who Would be King

The Shepherd Who Would be King chronicles the career of David, one of the best-known figures in the Bible, from his humble origins as a shepherd boy to his slaying of the giant Goliath, to his triumphant crowning success as king of Israel. David's story is that of a career executive, and in it Richard Phillips sees reflected the trials and triumphs that mark our own lives in today's business world. While following his career, the reader witnesses the fashioning of a leader, as David's heart is shaped by his faith in God, his love for God's people, and his passion for real and lasting achievement. Despite his own flaws and the venemous opposition of many, David remained true to God and His people, and through this one an entire nation found its purpose and identity. The lessons in The Shepherd Who Would be King are clear, biblically based, and will challenge and equip men and women to raise their aspirations and heighten the impact of their leadership.

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