The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans
The Key to Your Success, Part 1
Dr. Tony Evans believes that every Christian has the power and potential to succeed. Next time on The Alternative, he’ll explain what the doorway to success looks like and how to use the keys God has given you to unlock it. Learn why it’s never too late to become a spiritual success story when you join us for The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

Featured Offer from The Alternative

The Spiritual Toolkit CD series

We’ve put together a brand-new CD compilation of some of Tony’s most popular messages on spiritual growth and development. This series includes messages such as:

  • “Are You Preparing for Your Season?”
  • “Created to Rule with a Purpose “
  • “The Secret of the Seed (Luke 4:14-21)”
  • “The Key to Your Success”
  • And more!

As a thank you for your gift of any amount, we’ll get this CD series, The Spiritual Toolkit, out to you right away.

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