The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans
You feel like you’re following God, you feel like you’re on the right path… and then everything goes south. Dr. Tony Evans knows that it’s easy to start asking, “where were you, God?” He’ll answer that question next time on The Alternative as he talks about the story of Lazarus and explains why there may still be life in circumstances and relationships we think are dead.

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Heroes of the Faith Volume 1 CD Series

A HERO is someone who, despite all odds, finds a way to bring about good in the lives of those around them. Real heroes don’t always wear capes, and they certainly can’t fly or scale buildings in a single leap. Real heroes are those people who rise to the occasion to fulfill the destiny God has for them – in spite of their own insecurities, frailties and faults. 

Learn about God’s heroes listed for us in Hebrew 11 through Dr. Evans’ brand-new teaching series titled: Heroes of the Faith. Request your copy today on the reply card by sending in your gift of any amount. We trust that the Lord will use these messages in your life to take your faith to the next level! 

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