Running to Win - Long Version with Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Icon of Tolerance, Part 1 of 2
Tell an Olympic runner that “it doesn’t matter which track you race on, all are equally good,” and he will think you came from Mars. He knows a gold medal is only given to the winner at the track that counts. It is the same with God. There is only one way to reach Him, and that is through His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. If this sounds too exclusive for you, listen to this sermon.

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In the Potter’s House

When we face disappointments in life, do we remember that God is at work? The prophet Jeremiah was taken to a potter’s house so that he could see how God relates to us through our circumstances. 

Like a potter, God is shaping us, through both good and bad experiences. While we often try to resist His desire for us, His grace is able to remake even the most scarred vessels. As we listen to this sermon by Pastor Erwin Lutzer, let us submit to the Potter’s hands and become an honorable vessel that suits His purposes.

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