Practical Living with Dale O'Shields
#10 Respect Boundaries
The Lord in a very straightforward way, calls us to account about the way we handle material possessions. In the context of this negative commandment is implied a positive approach to life. He wants to show us how to live the kind of life He can and will bless - a life of respect. In this message we will take a look at 4 ways we can fulfill the 8th commandment. We will see what God has to say to us about respecting boundaries.

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by Pastor Dale O'Shields

Choices That Build Champions

God wants to build you into a true "Kingdom Champion" and use you to help build other champions for His Glory. True champions choose the right convictions. They make good choices regarding their character and commitments. They choose to be competent, responsible, caring and courageous, and they complete their life course as conquerors.

This study will help you make choices that build championship qualities into your life. You will be encouraged and challenged to reach for God's best and highest. Let's enjoy the journey as we travel this road together and become the champions He has called us to be!

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