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    How Can I Know?

    In my experience as a pastor, many Christians who have been sitting in the pews for decades cannot answer the most basis questions such as “How Can I Know There Is A God?” “How Can I Know The Bible Is True?” “How Can I Know Christianity Is The Right Religion?” “How Can I Know There Is Life After Death?” Many people have doubts about these questions but are too afraid to voice them. Even those Christians who are confident in their own beliefs would not know how to answer these questions if a co-worker, friend or a child, asked them. “How Can I Know?” offers solid reassurance about what we believe and why we believe in Jesus Christ. This book is equips Christians with answers to life’s seven most important questions to help you bring real, lasting change to our world. This book and series is perfect for a high school or college student being bombarded with liberalism in the classroom, to a new Christian, to someone who is not yet a Christian, or to someone who has experienced a significant loss in his or her life.