ICM's Mini Bible College with Dick Woodward
True disciples will not be able to hide it and Jesus uses to revolutionize the culture. His followers are like a city on a hill or a candle on a candlestick. Christians are the only source of light for multitudes living in darkness. If His disciples do not fulfill their role as salt and light, no one else is left to fulfill it. Disciples are sent into the world as God’s solution in order to shine for all to see.

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The 4 Spiritual Secrets

The 4 Spiritual Secrets gives a dynamic portrait of Pastor Dick Woodward's life and his journey in discovering I'm not, but He is, I can't, but He can, I don't want to, but He wants to and I didn't, but He did. Pastor Woodward elegantly unpacks these timeless lessons as he shares some of the lowest and highest points in his life. This book is truly a testament to God's ability to use the seemingly tragic events in our lives and turn them into some of the greatest accomplishments we could have ever imagined. As you read this life's work we pray that it will fill you with a sense of peace and strength in your daily walk with our Lord. (Also available in audio.)

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