The Royal - Warriors, Part 5
Monday, April 23, 2012


We are all living our own Biblical Narratives every day. We have multiple stories playing out in our lives: relationships, roles, and actions. Sometimes we play the role of God’s friends, and sometimes not, but God is always the hero in our lives. We often look for people to be our heroes, but we must go to God for help.

In this passage from Mark 9, Jesus comes to His disciples and sees a crowd has gathered around them. A father has brought his demon-possessed son to the disciples for help, but they cannot help him. (Remember that people are not always going to be your solution, either! Sometimes God can use people to help you, but sometimes you just need Him!)

Jesus is frustrated by the lack of trust and faith around him. He steps in, saying, “Bring him to me.” (Mark 9:19) Christ is the answer to our problems! If someone needs help, bring him to Jesus!

Series: The Royal

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