The Royal - Book 2: Loyalty, Part 3b
Friday, May 04, 2012


Spiritually speaking, we have all committed crimes—our sin.  By spiritual law, this separates us from the one and perfectly holy God.  But luckily for us, this separation is not a sentence which we are doomed to serve forever, because Jesus has come to take on the death sentence for us and grant us eternal life.

Today Pastor Miles had continued his in journey of the Royal, the story of a child who is to gain a kingdom and has a wise sage teaching him how to read the literature so that he may one day be a great king. The child represents us, the Christian nation. The wise sage is the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom is God’s kingdom which He has prepared for us.

Last week Miles covered the Ten Commandments and how they apply to us today.   But the Old Testament Law extends far beyond the Ten Commandments.  In fact, there were over 600 rules that the Jews had to fulfill in order to be admitted into the kingdom. The problem is that nobody could follow these rules perfectly because we are not perfect!  But, in His wisdom, God had a plan to cover this as well; He was going to send His perfect Son to fulfill all of the Law’s requirements once and for all.

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