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Rebecca Greenwood has uncovered an insidious plot against our children and grandchildren. Latest statistics show only 4% of this next generation will be involved in evangelical Christianity. Find out how you can reverse this dangerous trend!
  • Thursday, November 24, 2011

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

The Real Spirit of Revival & House on Fire (Book & 3-CD Set)

Preparing the Church for the Glory of the Lord

The Real Spirit of Revival. (Book) Bert Farias challenges the status quo of Christianity today and simply points to its true spirit, one of revival, power and living a Spirit-filled life.

With one eye on the coming glory of the Lord and the other eye on souls yet to be reached, The Real Spirit of Revival prepares readers for becoming a true lover of Jesus, both personally and as a body of believers. He invites you to share in Jesus' riches in glory and find your lover's passion and servant's heart. Bert's vital truths will speak renewed life to your spirit. He says we must rise above the blur of daily routines. His invites you to light a fire in your soul in order to find Heaven's focus on the soon return of the Lord.

House on Fire. (3-CD Set) Revival happens when the saints return to normal, when the Holy Spirit becomes their oxygen, and when a hunger to know God is the norm.

The Spirit and manifestation of revival is intensely personal, but Bert Farias shows you how to walk in revival, help your children have a personal relationship with the Lord, and bring revival to your entire family. Bert provides practical steps you can follow to bring revival breakthrough to your own house. Along with this powerful teaching, Bert also prays for you to experience the fullness of God.

Bert M. Farias, founder of Holy Fire Ministries, is an author, weekly columnist for Charisma News and co-host of the Holy Ghost Forum, a School of the Spirit.

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