Messianic Vision with Sid Roth
After 20 years of ministry, Mark Virkler had developed his own heart wounds and was being attacked by fear. Hear how Mark came to walk in a healed heart and how he finally experienced freedom from demonic oppression. If you're ready to experience healing in your spirit, soul and body, then don't miss this interview!
  • Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

Decree Your Today (Book & 4-CD Set)

In God's Kingdom, Words Are Not Limited by Time and Space.

Brent Luck's book has been created so you can use it every day of your life to stir up the fire and zeal to decree and declare Heaven's agenda to come upon you. Our words have power in them. They can bring forth life or death. When you speak you are bringing Heaven to earth! Yes, it's God-given truth you can walk in.

"Decree Your Today is a fresh look into ancient wisdom. Take hold of these truths and watch the miraculous power and favor of God begin to flow into your life. Brent's ministry has been marked by prophetic insight and the miraculous. His deep love and passion for the Presence of the Lord is very contagious." 
    — Michael Leyde

The CD series contains four powerful, need-to-know teachings by Brent Luck:

  • Accessing the Glory
  • The God Who Answers by Fire
  • Supernatural Time Travel
  • Seated in Heavenly Places

In them Brent examines the life of Moses to show you how to access the glory of God, how Elijah lived in a realm of safety and covering, how your words reach into your future, and how to be seated with God in authority. It's time to flex your spiritual muscles (every believer has them) and take hold of your inheritance.

Brent Luck has a passion to decree and declare the heart of God. He uses words and songs to decree the praises of God and change the atmosphere every day with miraculous results.

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