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John Paul Jackson will teach you how to recover the things that have been stolen from you or your family. God is a God of justice. Learn how to implement God’s plan for justice in your life. Understand how to receive  greater power, provision, protection, restoration and vindication!
  • Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

Releasing the Divine Healer Within (Book & 3-CD Series)

Healing Made Simple, Simple, Simple.

In their brand-new book and 3-CD series, Releasing the Divine Healer Within, Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark give a step-by-step guide on releasing the healing power of Jesus within you! Even children are getting healed through their teaching. The Clarks say you were not designed to live with pain, sickness or emotional torment. They combine both science and the supernatural to bring you fresh revelation on how to:

  • Embrace God's creative power to transform every part of your life, even to the cellular level.
  • Overcome toxic emotions. Did you know 90% of physical disease is emotionally based?
  • Reduce stress and walk in supernatural rest.
  • Learn how your biology works with God when you release the power of belief and prayer.
  • Break through barriers blocking your healing and release the miracle-working power of Messiah in you.

This anointed book and 3-CD series include many life-changing prayers ago lead you into your healing. Get ready to experience the healing power of God as never before!

“If we can yield to Jesus the forgiver, I reasoned that Jesus in me is also the healer.”

Dennis & Dr. Jen Clark are co-authors of Practicing God's Presence 24/7, Deep Relief NOW. They minister together full-time as senior pastors of Kingdom Life Church in Fort Mill, SC. Dennis has been in ministry for more than 35 years. Jen has a ThD in theology and EdS, MS and BS degrees in psychology.

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