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John Paul Jackson will teach you how to recover the things that have been stolen from you or your family. God is a God of justice. Learn how to implement God’s plan for justice in your life. Understand how to receive  greater power, provision, protection, restoration and vindication!
  • Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

The Power of Covenant (Book & 7-CD Series) by Craig Hill

Discover the Truth and Power of God's Covenant in Your Life

 Throughout history, many have misunderstood God and His covenant with mankind. This misunderstanding has led to generation after generation of Christians feeling powerless in the world around them and struggling with their faith. In his latest book, The Power of Covenant, Craig Hill dispels all the misconceptions and falsehoods surrounding covenant.

You will discover a fresh, Biblical understanding of God's sovereignty that will reinforce your faith to partner with God and release the power of covenant in your life!

(7-CD Series) This easy to understand 7-CD series contains 20 sessions on the power of covenant. In this series, Craig asks the question, "If God is in control, why do bad things happen to God’s people?” The answer he provides is both shocking and life-changing!

God's blessings flow out of covenant, and the truths revealed in this series about covenant will empower you to overcome the enemy and proclaim God’s authority over your life!

Throughout the series are special Covenant Power Prayers that will help to bring the supernatural breakthrough that you need.

Craig Hill and his wife Jan are the founders of Family Foundations International. Craig has written several books, including his bestseller, The Ancient Paths. Craig and Jan live near Denver, Colorado.

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