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Greatest Miracle Since Pentecost & Jewish Express Watch (DVD & Watch)

You Should Have Been There! Now You CAN Be There!

Greatest Miracle Since Pentecost. (DVD) God’s Historic Masterpiece in Jerusalem! This DVD places you in the midst of hundreds of Jewish people at the precise moment of their profession of faith at our recent outreach in Jerusalem! See the expressions of joy on their faces as God touches and heals them and opens their eyes to His salvation! This DVD is like watching a video of Peter preaching at the first Pentecost. Bonus: After the event, Sid prays a special prayer for your healing.

Jewish Express Pocket Watch. (Commemorative Watch) Like the watch that old-time train conductors used to stay on schedule, this handsome replica announces God’s perfect timing for the Jewish people. This commemorative timepiece is antique bronze-plated with a gold-plated train on the case and comes with a 30” chain. Engraved inside are the words, “Now is the SET TIME to favor Zion!” It will serve as a reminder of your partnership with Sid and your prayers for God to give us many more historic Jewish outreaches.