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Mark Virkler
Spirit-filled Mark Virkler pastored for 10 years without hearing God once! He was desperate. Then he got four breakthrough keys. He says 100% of those who follow them hear God as well as he does, or better!
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Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

The Hearing God Experience (Box Set - Book, Journal & 3 CDs)

Get Ready to Hear God Speak to You!

The Hearing God Experience is a course on how to recognize and hear God’s voice. It will take you on a life-changing journey that will reveal how you can interact with God on a daily basis so that you can receive direction, experience healing and unlock creativity in your life like never before! Included in this course are:

  • Hearing God (Book)
  • The 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice (2 CD Set)
  • Hearing God: The Galilee Experience (CD)
  • The Hearing God Experience Journal

Mark Virkler is an anointed teacher who teaches you how to recognize God’s voice as spontaneous thoughts. Mark emphasizes learning how to become still before the Lord and looking for vision as you pray. He gives valuable insights on the importance of two-way journaling.

This box set includes a special music CD with LaDonna Taylor to help you focus on Jesus and allow him to speak to you.

Mark Virkler, Ph.D., has co-authored more than 50 books in the areas of hearing God’s voice and spiritual growth. He and his wife, Patti, are the founders of Communion with God Ministries and Christian Leadership University.

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About Messianic Vision

Sid Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program in 1977, shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus. The program covers topics such as healing miracles, supernatural encounters (of the God kind), intimacy with God, prophecy, Jewish testimonies, evangelism and more.
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