Precious Pilgrim,

Have you ever had a magical person in your life? When you were with them the world was just a little bit brighter; a shine was on the ordinary, a giggle was constantly about to burst forth. Two such ladies come to my mind today. They never knew each other, but actually both were very similar. Both could have been Mrs. Santa Claus - short, a little plump, with creative gray hair (always a few wisps going the way they wanted), a little paint or glue on their fingers, eyes twinkled, a fast walk, for always busy - but never too busy to make me feel that they were sincerely glad to see me.

One was my friend and confidant during childhood - Aunt Annie Paul Durr. She drove a "woody" station wagon, naturally. We made cookies for Christmas, blew out and decorated eggs for Easter. We played "doll house" together and made bookmarks and pin cushions and glittered anything that happened to need it. We made nutshells into gorgeous tree ornaments and she cried when I sang solos at church.

The other I met a twenty-five-year-old grown-up when we were moving from Lakeland, Florida to Montgomery, Alabama. I went house hunting. Instead of a house, I came upon another magical lady - Lida Holly. I loved her house, but it only had three bedrooms and having a family of six, my husband said this wouldn't do. Lida also said this wouldn't do. In fact, she wanted me to forget this house, but come look at her paintings! The joy, the giggles, the sense of humor in each was like a jewel. There was always a story behind each one. It was better than Disney World. The "Magical Kingdom" reigned right there on Woodley Road in that precious lady's mind.

Both of these sparkles are sparkling in a different world now for both have died and I miss them. Yesterday I set up a miniature world which they both would have approved. Lida's daughter had given me a painting that Lida had painted of the lake. It is the background of the "magical world" and in front are little pine cone creatures - deer, pigs, raccoons, and rabbits that could have been made by Aunt Annie Paul. This world is, of course, behind closed doors - all magical worlds are. It is in the children's bathroom off the kitchen.

I bet one day a child (or a grown-up) will be in there and laugh and giggle and feel warmth and safety from that little scene - just as my ladies radiated - just as Christ radiated - just as we are to radiate.

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven." Matthew 5:16

Today I'd like to thank the Lord for these two precious ladies in my life - magical ladies.

Your sister in Christ,

(c)1990 Precious Pilgrim Ministries