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Choosing Happiness

Lizzie Velasquez was once a medical mystery and a bullying victim. She is now a confident, empowered motivational speaker and YouTube sensation who shows audiences from corporate executives to elementary schoolchildren how to focus on their gifts and passions, create plans to overcome obstacles, and reach their goals. She’s had to overcome more trials and challenges than most, but she says there is one question that keeps her moving forward: Will I choose to be happy or choose to give up?


In Choosing Happiness, Lizzie talks about some of these obstacles and how she managed to choose happiness. From fighting with friends, to college applications, to bullying and living the “unknown syndrome,” Lizzie offers her own stories and advice on how to handle whatever life throws your way. In a world where we’re constantly trying to label each other and ourselves, Lizzie gives us advice on how to be brave enough to be who we are, no labels attached.