The Root of All Evil

Money and prosperity not only have the ability to create conflict between family members and friends, they can also wreak havoc in the Christian community. In many ways, nothing has a greater ability to derail ministry work than a rich endowment.

Some Christian leaders may balk at this statement, but the truth is not hard to discern. Many of America's universities were founded on Christian principles and values, but have since abandoned their faith. When their endowments grew larger, their commitment and devotion to godly education grew smaller. They adjusted their ethics to reflect the views of their contributors.

Both Lot and Abraham were wealthy men. However, there was a tremendous difference in their love for God. Abraham's quest was to follow God by faith, while Lot lived for the moment and to gain more than he had been given.

Have you ever been tempted to make the same type of decision? You may have waited a long time to enjoy the goodness of God's blessing, but be careful. Don't allow the temptation of self-centeredness to grasp your heart. Remember, you do not have to be wealthy to be consumed by thoughts of greed. Anyone can become entrapped by the world's lusts and passions.

Abraham refused to allow his wealth to control him. Lot, on the other hand, allowed the size of his herd and bank roll to negatively influence his worship of God. Open your life up to the Savior. Trust Him for your future and lay aside the destructive thoughts of envy and jealousy.

Lord, teach me how to enjoy what You have given and not allow it to take Your place.

Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness (Genesis 15:6).


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A cross is a dangerous thing—despised, hated, and rejected. Today, forces are at work to strip the cross from public venues and to minimize its significance in our personal lives. Christians must stand up against these attacks and defend the cross as a symbol of the love and grace of God toward man.

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