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Creating a Legacy of Personal Mission, Part 3

Leaders without a purpose are like ships without captains. Their decisions are often based on surveys and polls instead of substance and principles. They waffle and flip-flop on issues. Their followers are frustrated, disillusioned, and disloyal. On the other hand, successful leaders have a sense of personal mission. Their decisions are based on general principles and a big-picture perspective rather than popular opinion or emotional whims. They can communicate clear objectives to their followers and measure success by more than just gut feelings. Each person needs a personal mission. Many of us are just going through the motions, not sure where we’re going or how to get there. Without a personal mission, we’re like a ship adrift on the waves of change or a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower, never satisfied and always searching for “just the right thing.” By the end of this message, we want you to discover why it’s important to have a personal mission, decide what types of things need to be part of your personal mission, and then take some time to prayerfully write a first draft of your own mission statement. As we tackle this issue, we’ll begin by looking at a Christian’s corporate mission—what God wants all believers to do. Then we’ll look at a biblical example of a personal mission—what God called one individual to accomplish as part of that bigger purpose.

This message references: 1 Corinthians 9:19-23
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Series:  Creating a Legacy


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A passage in Joshua prompted me to think of three words. First, create. God wants us to go to the trouble of establishing historic markers. Notice I said, “Go to the trouble.” Creating legacy reminders is not easy. These were big stones. They needed to be chosen, hauled, stacked, and then maintained as a lasting reminder of God’s faithfulness.
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