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Darryl and Tracy Strawberry - Blue Jean Benefit

​WATCH VIA Livestream: FREE Event! You are invited to experience extraordinary worship music and hear the supernatural work of grace in the lives of Baseball Legend Darryl Strawberry and his wife Tracy on April 24. Darryl’s amazing baseball feats cannot compare to the supernatural accomplishment of Jesus in transforming two broken people into a family with purpose and joy. Darryl and Tracy hold nothing back when they share their story of falling from the top of an extraordinary baseball career into a pit of drug addiction that seemed impossible to survive. Darryl lost all the money he earned as a baseball star. Tracy gave up custody of her children. Tracy regularly searched for Darryl among the homeless where he landed again and again, addicted to drugs. But Jesus! Along with the Strawberrys, Chuck and Sharon Betters will share their own story of redemption and how God is redeeming their pain through In His Grip. You can experience this amazing night with people from all over the world via live streaming. Go to www.markinc.org, Friday, April 24, 8:00 p.m. EST and click the Blue Jean Benefit Link.