Grounded with Ryan Dobson
Worldview Wednesday - Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design
The stand against evolution being presented as the only school of thought is growing. Intelligent Design is an alternative to explain the intricate detail of every cell of life and the fact that cells are based on and share information that had to originate somewhere. Casey Luskin, Attorney and Program Officer in Public Policy and Legal Affairs for Discovery Institute, joins Ryan and Toben to discuss Intelligent Design, the current approach to teach schools to share the research, and the persecution that students and employees are receiving who believe in ID.
  • Wednesday, March 09, 2011

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Ever looked at your life and wondered, "How did I end up here?" Whether your situation is the result of poor choices, uncontrollable circumstances or even disobedience to God, there is a way to resurrect hope from the ruins. Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim speak from experience to teach us how to respond to tough times by inviting God to use us for His purposes rather than destroy ourselves through destructive behavior.

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